Fetched on the Fairway, often referred to as the ‘UberEats’ of golf, emerged as a groundbreaking concept aimed at enhancing the golfing experience. This innovative Australian-made app was designed to bring unparalleled convenience to golfers, offering on-demand delivery of food, drinks, and golf gear right on the course.

The Journey of Fetched on the Fairway

  • Successful Pilot Phase: Our journey began with a promising pilot at Brisbane Golf Club. The idea resonated with golfers who appreciated the convenience of ordering directly from the course, reducing interruptions and elevating their game experience.
  • Vision for Expansion: With ambitions to roll out across Australia and dreams of international expansion, Fetched on the Fairway was poised to transform the golfing landscape.
  • Challenge and Resilience: Despite a successful product launch and delivery, the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns hindered our ability to secure the necessary funding to sustain and grow.

What Set Us Apart?

  • GPS-Enabled Convenience: Our app’s GPS functionality ensured timely and accurate deliveries, catering to golfers wherever they were on the course.
  • Tailored Offerings: From coffees and snacks to golf balls and tees, and even on-demand coaching, our service was designed to meet every golfer’s needs.
  • Positive Reception: Contrary to expectations about introducing a mobile app in a traditionally phone-free sport, the response from clubs and players was overwhelmingly positive.

Our Co-Founders’ Vision:

  • Chris Coppin, our co-founder, was inspired by personal experiences on the golf course – the elusive drinks cart and the inadequacy of packed lunches during long games. Fetched on the Fairway was born from a desire to address these very needs.
  • Colin McEown, our co-founder, recognized the challenge of integrating technology into golf but was heartened by the enthusiastic adoption by clubs and players alike.

A Legacy of Innovation Though Fetched on the Fairway faced challenges that prevented it from reaching its full potential in the market, its innovative approach has left an indelible mark. It stands as a testament to the power of technology in enhancing traditional sports experiences and the importance of adapting to unforeseen circumstances in the business world.

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