Hello, I’m Vince.

I have been involved in software development for over 16 years. My day-to-day and after-hours job involves software development, network configuration, performance tuning, debugging memory leaks or anything else which cause unintended side-effects.

I have been many things over those years and worn many hats. Software developer, team member, technical lead, consultant and manager are a few. Whether I’m writing code or managing a team, I believe it is important to be aware of changes in the industry and how new technologies can be leveraged to solve new problems. I have had, and continuing to have a lot of fun experiencing software development from different perspectives.

This blog is the result of my interest in sharing my adventures in software development. I’ve taken so much from the community over the years and consumed so much that I feel it’s time to give something back. It’s also the reason I am so enthused with open source. It’s a community of give and take, feedback and collective goals all coming together – a great model to work towards in the workplace.

In my spare time I build simple circuits, work on and contribute to open source projects, program in different languages and explore tooling to which makes software better. I’ll get more into this in forthcoming blogs. Meanwhile, if you want the formalities and details, you can find me on LinkedIn.